The uncertainty brought by the Corona Virus outbreak has surely sent the world in a panic, but we are keeping it cool at Frekey’s! Prior to we were wearing gloves while making your ice cream, but we additionally all wear masks now as well. Here’s our updates as we adjust to this new way of scooping:

COVID-19 UPDATE (June 1, 2020)

We have been cleared by the State and City of Concord to serve cones and no longer need to wrap everything to go. We do wear masks and gloves at all times to ensure your safety. As always, if you’d rather take it home just let us know so we can properly cover it for you.

While you wait in line, Freddy’s social distancing cones are still on the ground for you to stand at. They are 6 feet apart to comply with social distancing.

You may also eat on premises now as you usually would, we have reduced our seating areas. We appreciate your cooperation and adjusting to these new times with us.

COVID-19 UPDATE (April 7, 2020)
Until the Covid-19 crisis has passed we will not be scooping cones. All ice creams will be served “to go,” meaning in cups with lids in a bag. If somebody wants a cone we will wrap them up separately and include it in your bag. As you wait in line we suggest you stand at the 6 feet ice cream cone markers to comply with social distancing.

All picnic tables and our seating area have been removed until further notice. We are not allowed to have customers eating OR loitering on the premises per order of the CDC and the Health Department. You are welcome to sit inside your vehicles, but under no circumstance can we have ice cream consumed outside as you normally would.